Did You Say "Babushkas-Babushkos"?

The Babushkas-Babushkos group was born about fifteen years ago on the initiative of Professor LEVY from St Pierre Hospital.
The goal: to accompany the seriously ill children by bringing them comfort, distraction and especially a warm presence between the medical treatments, when the parents are not at their side.
Soon enough, the Babushkas-Babushkos expanded their presence at the Queen Fabiola Hospital, at the Creb, Irham and Clairs Vallons institutions. At present, they also support children with disabilities and offer various activities such as walks, homework assistance or in some cases, help for caregivers.
To help them in this delicate role, attentive and discreet listening training is organized every year. They are very valuable to ensure quality support to small patients, already so mature!
Relationships with the medical and social staff of care facilities are also important in the care of sick children. Our Babushkas-Babushkos favor those, marked by respect, friendship and sharing.
During meetings with the staff of the institutions, they share the experience of situations sometimes very complex, encountered by hospitalized children, and bring their lighting. These meetings are also an opportunity to identify new needs: bringing books, toys or other materials, which will complement those of pediatric services.
Today, Sun Child has about 50 volunteers who, through their active presence, generosity and dedication, provide irreplaceable emotional support to all these children.
The warm welcome and the smile of the children and their families are, in exchange, the best reward offered to the Babushkas-Babushkos.
Charlotte manages the Babouchkas / os team and organizes volunteer schedules.
Contact her by email to get more details on the different aspects of Babouchkas / Bones.