Once Upon a Time The Circus Sparadrap

Sun Child and his team of volunteers make sure to be present at different times in the lives of sick children.
In 1995, at the request of the hospital services, Charlotte Beeckmans created the Babushkas and Babushkos service to ensure this presence and listening to disadvantaged children. From there, came the idea of ​​a small show to distract children in the hospital, mainly on Sundays. The Circus Sparadrap was born.
The troupe gives, on average, two shows per month in hospitals and homes for sick and / or underprivileged children and their families and educators.
Since 1993, the Sparadrap Circus has given nearly three hundred shows of at least one hour.
The shows include a great diversity of numbers: 28 original choreographies, tales, 12 numbers of clowns, magic, stuffed mascots, puppets …
The troupe is composed of thirty amateur actors. Coming from various professional backgrounds, they have in common the motivation and willingness to get involved for the benefit of sick children. They repeat under the leadership of a professional actress, Georgia, who creates the numbers according to the skills of each.
Each show of great artistic quality includes beautiful colorful costumes, regularly renewed. These shows are given on Sunday afternoons and last an average of one hour and a half to entertain children.
The troupe gives performances in hospitals (Saint-Pierre, Saint-Luc, and Queen Fabiola Children’s Hospital), in homes for underprivileged children and centers for handicapped children mainly in the Brussels agglomeration, and also in Walloon Brabant.
The Sparadrap almost always travels for free with its sets, costumes and sound system in the various places where it occurs.
Everywhere, the Circus Sparadrap is greeted with enthusiasm.

Sparadrap Circus - 300 People Were Present

300 people were present at the show given by the Sparadrap Circus, in a big Brussels school. The opportunity for our clowns to finance the realization of costumes, so essential to make children laugh.
Princess Claire surprised us by attending the show she really enjoyed. A snack then gathered the circus team as well as the Princess and her son Nicolas. The meeting will remain for a long time in the memories.

Contact Sparadrap Circus

Colin GUIMAUD Head of the
Héronnière Avenue, 90/34 1170 Brussels
Tel. / Fax: 02 / 672.05.56 - Mob. 0478 / 945.225
Georgia VALMONT Artistic Director
Bd. Auguste Reyers 17 1030- BRUSSELS
Tel. : 02 / 216.08.75 - Mob. : 0495 / 37.67.85
Local of the Sparadrap Circus
64 avenue General Lartigue
1200 Woluwe St-Lambert


 » Dear friends, dear friends,
At the invitation of the Sparadrap Circus, I took part this Sunday afternoon in the representation that was given in the room of the Collège Saint-Pierre in Uccle.
During more than two hours and in front of more than 400 spectators, it was a permanent enchantment and marvelously colored.
Records of applause and wonder at the shimmering costumes.
Congratulations to all the team of the Circus Sparadrap. »
– Jean Dyckmans, Secretary General of Sun Child