The Word of the President

Dear Friends,
Dear Friends,
Today more than ever, we must stand together for children affected by the disease and their parents.
Cancer always causes revolt, but when it comes to a child, it’s even more unbearable.
Our non-profit organization is mobilized thanks to the dedication of its volunteers and the generosity of its donors.
Whether it is to transport sick children to the hospital, to take care of them during their hospitalization, to distract them via the Circus Sparadrap or the organization of summer camps, to relieve them thanks to art therapy or the care partial processing fees, we have been able to support a hundred families this year and we have the ambition to do much more in the future.
If you have time to offer to children, we would be delighted to have you with us …
But if you want to do more, we have the best investment to offer you to support disadvantaged children unjustly hurt by life.
Together, we will be stronger to help children and their families fight the fate that strikes them.
Thank you !
Benoît Mélot
Chairman of the Board

History of Sun Child

  • 1991
    Initiated by Rotary of Waterloo, Sun Child is born under the name Georges Kamp Fund, in recognition of one of its past presidents who died of cancer.
    His goal: financial aid to children with cancer and leukemia.
    Since then, Sun Child has continued to evolve, expand its activities, open its door to other pathologies, support the largest number of seriously ill children and their families.
  • 1993
    Charlotte Beeckmans embarked on a wonderful adventure, accompanying seriously ill children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    She organizes the Transport of the children towards the places of care, launches the Babouchkas, Babushkos and associates with the Circus Sparadrap.
    It adds: search for housing, furniture, cheap clothes, or help writing letters, deciphering official forms and support for administrative procedures.
  • 1999
    Sun Child is supported by COCOF and collaborates with the Cancer Foundation.
  • 2004
    Sun Child decides to devote one third of its financial resources to support children with severe chronic diseases and their families.
  • 2006
    As their goals are common and their actions complementary, Sun Child and Taking a Child by the Hand plan to join their efforts.
  • 2007
    It is done and Sun Child becomes, in Belgium, one of the most important works of aid to the childhood.
  • 2013
    If the volunteers behind the creation of Sun Child have lost neither energy nor enthusiasm, the importance of a young and motivated succession is essential to ensure the sustainability of the association.
  • 2014
    Alumni and young people are working together to change and secure the future of Sun Child. Experience and youth together to give a new breath, in step with the reality of today and tomorrow.
  • 2016
    Thanks to the support of the Foundation Against Cancer, Sun Child finances the non-profit association Bulle de Sens and enables seriously ill children to open up to art therapy.