Requests for financial intervention reach us through the social workers of the institutions. They are the guarantors of the need for Sun Child’s intervention with families.
The following hospitals regularly use our services:
Sun Child is open to setting up new collaborations with other hospitals. Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or at + + 32-2-734 04 01.

How is the Financial Intervention Decision Made?

The medical committee scrupulously analyzes each case and judges the degree of gravity and urgency.
The commission of interventions then decides, in the week, on the basis of medical, social and financial criteria, of the cases that Sun Child will support, of the amount and the form of aid. The social workers then take the relay to communicate the decisions made to the families of sick children.
The conclusions are immediately transmitted to the treasurer who provides the payment within 8 days. No « donation » is made because we have the rule to directly pay real costs, not reimbursed by social security, such as certain care and treatment, vital needs, social, school, family help, transport …